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Types Of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are becoming quite prevalent in the society today. This is because many people have come to the realization that tobacco is not good for their health. The downside of smoking tobacco is that it is highly addictive. Therefore electronic cigarettes were invented as a substitute because they give the same gaschgscvshgcvfeeling yet they are safe for usage.

V2 E-Cigarettes

These are the best electronic cigarettes according to user reviews. They have been rated as the best brand because they have a fabulous selection of highly reliable cigarettes. Because of this fact, they have a lot of loyal customers that would never use another brand. They are also the largest online e-cigarette retailer in the present market. Their products have continuously performed better than their competitors.


VaporFi is one of the best brands as well. It comes second after V2 cigarettes. It has a fantastic wide range of refillable, tank-style cigarettes. Moreover, all of their recent models have superior vapor production, a long battery life, and an excellent taste. What makes this brand even better is that it has over 30,000 high-quality e-liquids. They are also affordable despite their of their good quality.

JUUL Vapor

Juul Vapor recently released their e-cigarettes. The most interesting bit about their cigarettes is the fact that they are simple yet they are so stylish. They are called Apple of vaping due to that fact. They are also very easy to use. This has made it outperform its competitors. They also have a way of making their customers happy. They offer four cartridges for free and each one of them has a unique flavor. The flavors are all amazing. It is also very affordable.

Apollo E-Cigarettes

gacvghcvhsvThis is a commendable brand that advanced e-cigarettes users will be sure to enjoy. This is because they offer more than the typical e-cigarette model. They also offer the eGo model. eGos are fantastic batteries which are connected to a wide range of tanks. One can fill these tanks with any brand of juice that they can find, which makes a more personalized and open source experience

There are other brands of electronic cigarettes, but most of the users recommend the ones above. They are safe and easy to use yet very affordable.


Factors To Consider Before Getting E-Juices

E-cigarettes are used as an alternative to smoking tobacco. At least most people use them for that. Others use it for relaxation. Consumers can buy e liquid online or getgcvghscvghvcafrom physical stores.The performance of e-cigarettes can be boosted by the e-liquids that are used. E-liquids give the user the pleasure derived from smoking tobacco. However, random e-juices are not the best. Some factors should be considered before getting some

The Device

The device that the consumer is using for the e-cigarette plays a big role when they are selecting e-liquids. The correct one will make the e-juice better regarding the flavor and the vapor that will be produced. The better the quality of the device, the better the experience will be with the e-liquids. Some of them have specifications of the e-juices that are recommended for them. Most of them, however, do not have any specifications. Research on them is therefore advised.


So many flavors have already been produced. This is more of a personal choice because what one consumer may prefer is not necessarily what another one may want to use. It is advisable to get the small bottles first then when one gets the flavor of their choice; they can buy the bigger bottles. It saves a lot of money.

Nicotine Strength

The e-liquids do not have a standard amount of nicotine in them. Some do not even have any nicotine. This is a predominant factor that should be considered carefully when selecting e-liquids. One should choose according to what they feel comfortable with and most importantly their tolerance.


Before purchasing anything, money is the first thing that comes to people’s minds. gcvsghcvshgcConsumers want to make sure that they are getting the value of their money. There is a broad range of different flavors. It is economically and financially wise to settle for the best that is affordable. If ready-made flavors are a bit pricey, consumers can mix their own. This has been made easier by the fact that vendors sell base mixtures that come with flavored concentrates. It is also an excellent way to save money.


It is important to have a look at the ingredients that have been used to prepare the flavors. The key ingredients should feature in the packaging or else the flavor is of poor quality. Making sure that the liquids have the best quality of ingredients will ensure that the flavor is good as well as the quality of vapor it will produce.