Braces:Way For A Happier Smile

Some people may think that wearing braces is just for beautification purposes. But hgsgfdsghsdthis is not the case, wearing braces is actually a part of a treatment. Your dentist will be able to give you advice whether or not you need orthodontics treatment.

What are ‘braces’?

Dental braces or orthodontic braces are mechanical devices used to align and straighten teeth that are out of position (malocclusion).

Causes of malocclusion

Malocclusion is the condition wherein the teeth are in abnormal arrangements. As a child grows, there are cases where the teeth, as well as the jaw, do not develop properly causing the permanent teeth to grow crooked. Thumbsucking and injury to the teeth or bones of the face may also result in malocclusion.

It is necessary that suchdshgsdhh case gets treated as early as possible, preferably during the teenage years because it will affect your facial appearance. There is no age limit though in wearing braces. Adults may also benefit from it.

Aside from braces, malocclusion can also be corrected by removal or reshaping the teeth as well as surgery to address issues with the jaw.

Importance of wearing braces

Dental health is the main reason for you to wear braces if your teeth are out of position. Poorly aligned teeth are prone to be stuck with food particles, and they are hard to keep clean. If the food remnants are not removed, tooth decay may occur resulting to further problems like a toothache, tooth loss, and gum infections. Other benefits from orthodontics may include: better appearance, more efficient way of chewing and clearer speech.

Consultation with your dentist

When you first visit your dentist, he or she will check the alignment of your teeth to yreyureyureyuredetermine if you need the treatment. Usually, x-rays are taken for a more detailed diagnosis of the condition of your teeth, gums and also your jaw. You will also be informed about the total cost of the procedure and the estimated duration period.

Duration of treatment

Wearing braces take time. The treatment may last from 18 months up to 2 years or even longer depend on your case. Usually, a monthly visit to your dentist is done for adjustments as well as for your dentist to monitor the progress of the treatment. After your teeth are fixed, your braces will be removed, and you will start wearing removable retainers to hold your teeth in their new position and alignment.

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